We’ve been working on something super exciting and we are so stoked to be able to share it with you now!

2020 was rough and tough with not a lot of stuff happening! So, we are determined to make this new year a-ma-zing! 

Take time to use the images you already have or get out there and show us what you’re made of, by us, we mean everyone because the South African media industry is starving for some authenticity. 

There is no better authenticity metre than you and your device. Photie is for everyone. 

We love to see your Mzanzi inspired pics. And in the spirit of Mzanzi we want everyone to be able to earn  some moo-la, from their photos. 

Introducing the Bestie Referral Programme! 

That’s right! Refer your bestie and you both get to earn extra money on the pics you upload – up to 5% extra on all your image downloads.

It’s super simple! Here’s how you start:

  • You become a contributor
  • Submit your portfolio for approval
  • Get your unique referral code
  • Send this code to your bestie or besties 
  • Then your bestie becomes a contributor on Photie 
  • Bestie gets their portfolio submitted for approval 
  • Everyone starts earning extra moola

Now for the nitty gritty details of the programme. Get your bestie to  use your referral code when they sign up, and when your photos get downloaded you will get an extra %.  It really couldn’t be easier. Click here for the referral T’s & C’s.

It’s a side hustle without the hassle. Sharp earnings for great creative people. 

If you have any questions, just shout, you know we’re here to help you out, check out our social deets on Insta and Facebook and you can keep up with any news that we may drop. 

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